The story of 6312

We have lived between the canals and the Kromme river for the last 15 years. St. Francis is our home. Life on the canals and river is a way of life. There are times of the day when the most beautiful moments emerge. Early mornings, mid mornings, midday, mid afternoon and early evenings. We have experienced the water in many different formats. A few years ago we got into SUPs. One evening we were talking and said, imagine if we could get the whole family on a SUP. Our research began and we imported a fleet of XL Ride boards.

The experience on the XL Ride board is about being connected to the environment. You are on water, you see the fish, you feel the breeze and bask in the sun. It's quiet and you control the speed you move at.

You can just lie there and tan, you can tan, you can drift together or you can step it up, do the canal circuit, go fishing on the Kromme, go bird watching, practice your photography skills or do a romantic paddle together. The options are limitless.

Take the board to the beach and go bounce off the waves. A wild ride of action in style. The boards are very stable and are great for beginners. It's a super way into the sport.  Enjoy it.

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