How does Aqua Spiritus work? What do I need to know?

Each team is made up of the following:
1. Wall (Goal Keeper)
2.  Triggers ( 3 to 4 per SUP)  They are the forwards. They throw the Spirit Ball through one of the 3 circular goals to score. 
3 . Guardians (3 to 4 per SUP). They are the backs. They throw the Zinger balls at the Triggers. When they hit the Triggers they have to drop the the spirit and paddle back to the goals when hit and reset. The Triggers only touch the Spirit ball. They may not touch the Zingers. The Guardians only touch the Zinger they may not touch the Spirit Ball.
4. The Hunters ( 2 per Mozowe Kayak) They chase the Flash ( A neutral person who carries a yellow ball called the flash on a Yellow Mokolo board) 
5. Mat  Magician who is the ball facilitator who passes either the Spirit ball or the Zinger ball to relevant players, being the Triggers or Guardians respectively.
The Mat Magicians use large floating mats ( 2 per mat).
6. The wizard who is the game coach or strategist. They stand on the team platform and coach the team. They coach and direct but can not touch any balls.
Game Structure:
The game is made up of 4 chukkas which each last 8 minutes. The chukka comes to an end when the hunters retrieve the flash ball from the Flash and throw it through the goals. 
Centre Goal is 20 points per ball the goes in. Right/left hand goal is 10 points. and a the Flash derives 25 points.
The Game Manager starts the game by kicking in a spirit and zinger ball. They may add more spirit balls to speed up the game or more zingers to slow it down. 
The game is played at a minimum of:
Per side.:
1. wall which 1 person 
2. trigger sup 3 to 4 people 
3 . guardian sup 3 to 4 people 
4. hunter kayak 2 people 
Then 1 neutral person called the flash. 
You can then evenly add more triggers, guardians, mat magicians,  hunters and evolve up to about 20 people a side. 
The wizard is an ideal role for a teacher or organizer.
We will film the game which the kids will love. We will just need a photo permission slip signed as well as indemnity form signed. All kit is sanitized and all players are checked for temperature and sabotaging hands. All our staff wear masks. 
We have a safety boat in standby. We have a first aider and will require all players to wear a life jacket .

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